Narmbool - a 2000ha breath of fresh country air!

Pristine woodland reserves, restored forest buffers, rolling pastures and healthy waterways make an idyllic setting for you to explore various facets of sustainable farming and environmental protection.  

Now you can put your sustainability skills to the test by playing Narmboolville!!  When you play Narmboolville you become the farm manager. 

You are given the opportunity to sell the carbon that is sequestered within the natural reserves of Narmbool, contributing to the management of atmospheric carbon as well as providing income for Narmbool to assist in keeping the property financially viable for future generations. You also have the opportunity to plant more trees to help maintain the committed level of carbon on the property.

When starting the game, you can choose how much carbon you would like to sell as Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). ACCUs are regulated carbon credits issued by the Clean Energy Regulator for Australian sequestration or emission reduction projects.

When you choose the amount of stored carbon to sell as ACCUs, keep in mind that a risk of reversal buffer will be deducted from your ACCUs. The larger the buffer size, the less ACCUs you will be issued upfront but the greater chance you will be able to maintain the carbon storage for 100 years. 

Basically, you promise to store carbon in the land and trees of Narmbool for 100 years and get paid to do it! Just make sure you manage the property well so that you don't go broke in the meantime!