How To Play

Before you start

You must register before you can use the game. Once you have signed up, you can log in to the game.

You can find out more about the farm and where the paddocks are on the interactive map screen. Just click on the paddocks or the points of interest on the map to read more. On the same page, you can read about the wildlife that are at home on Narmbool. Just click on any image to find out more.

To start the game

Click on the Start Game button and log in. Read the instructions and then continue to the next screen.

You have three choices at the start of the game (you may leave the pre-selected options in place):
  • Amount of sequestered carbon in Narmbool to sell as ACCUs
  • Length of Game
  • Carbon Price per tonne
Change the options and read the explanation to find out how this will affect the game you are about to start.

Once you have chosen the settings you want to use, click Play Game.


The game runs for 100 years.

The game board has 49 tiles, which represent most of the paddocks at Narmbool Station. The look of each tile tells you what the paddock is used for.

When the game starts, things start happening. Firstly, your chosen amount of carbon credits will be sold, and the money will be added to your bank account. Have a good look at the status fields on the screen.

The years start passing. During that time you will try to increase your bank balance, add more sheep and maintain or increase the levels of carbon on the farm. Keep an eye on the carbon and bank balance. Also, watch the game events closely as there are clues that you may need to take action.

There must be money in the bank account. If your bank balance drops below $100,000, you receive a warning. If the bank balance drops to zero, the game is over, because you have gone broke.

The carbon sold as ACCUs must be backed by carbon on the property. If stored carbon levels drop below the amount of tonnes sold, the system forces a purchase of ACCUs. They cost twice as much. 

Based on each paddock's current use, several management options are possible. You can choose to leave as is, or perform some actions. When a selected option is applied, the tile is updated and the game events list will show a record of the action, and all totals will show the consequences of your actions.

There are random events, so it is important to keep an eye on the game board and the game events. You may choose to ignore these events or you can take action.

Every decision you make, every action you take (or not take) will have consequences - so choose carefully.

Other things you need to know

You can pause the game with the button at the top left of the game screen.

Paddocks (game tiles) can be:
  • grassland, empty
  • grassland with sheep
  • native woodlands
  • planted woodlands
  • mixed terrain - rocky with trees
  • pond or lake