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Narmbool is part of the traditional lands of the Wathaurung people and has been farmed since European colonists arrived in 1830's. The property is divided into 60 paddocks, each of which have different names. Some paddocks are entirely pasture for sheep grazing. Others have restoration plantings or patches of native trees. A few paddocks are special for containing patches of native grassland.

Narmbool has approximately 660 ha of remnant woodlands (the "Wirraway" block) in the north-west of the property. These natural woodlands have been in existence since before European settlement in the area, which means they may be at least 180 years old. There has been no records of wildfire in these woodlands in over 70 years, so they contain unusual types of understory vegetation that do not tolerate fire.

Shearing Shed
The Lodge
Mannas Station
Whites Hill
Seven Dams
Tea Tree Bush Camp

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